How to Choose the Right Lab Fume Hood

How to Choose the Right Lab Fume Hood When it comes to quality lab design, one of the most important ...
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Your Guide to Stress Free Lab Renovation

In the ever-advancing world of today’s medical laboratories, the topic of renovation is bound to come up eventually. The fast-paced ...
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Five Tips to Create Workflow in Your Medical Lab

Now more than ever, medical laboratories worldwide need to adapt and rethink their workflow in order to address the needs ...
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Laboratory Design Trends You Need To Know

If your lab is stuck in the last decade, you’ve come to the right place, whether you’re building a time ...
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Fume Hood Safety for Labs

 The fume hoods you have in your lab are some of the most important pieces of equipment that need to ...
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Tips to Consider Before Buying Lab Furniture

When outfitting a science lab with furniture or replacing old furniture, buyers need to consider a range of factors. It ...
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Ten Important Pieces of Equipment - chemistry lab equipment

Ten Important Pieces of Laboratory Safety Equipment that Every Lab Needs

While working in a scientific lab, researchers might be exposed to an array of different types of harmful substances. Different ...
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Self Protection or Material Contamination? – Laminar Flow or Biological Safety Cabinets

Protective measures in a laboratory environment are dependent on what is being handled and the potential dangers involved. Testing tissues ...
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Understanding the Laboratory Fume Hood: Functionality, Safety, and Proper Use

Laboratories require a wide range of specialized equipment. One such piece is the laboratory fume hood. These devices help create ...
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