Laboratory Fume Hoods and Chemical Fume Hoods

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LDS Laboratory Fume Hoods for any application or setting!

laboratory fume hood is essential for the safety of any lab environment. Laboratory fume hoods work as a safeguard against toxic fumes and vapors by drawing air from the room and releasing it outside or filtering it back into the room. In doing so, these fume hoods protect individuals in a laboratory environment from inhaling strong fumes and working in a potentially dangerous environment. 

Here at Laboratory Design & Supply, our laboratory fume hoods are made of a double wall construction and high quality steel with baked enamel paint finish to ensure that the user and the products being worked on are kept safe. Every fume hood contains a fume hood sash in order to provide an unobstructed view of the hood’s interior and exterior features. 

Not only do laboratory fume hoods keep the lab environment safe, but they also have the ability to contain spills and work to protect against hazardous reactions such as an explosion. 

No laboratory should operate without a well-tested and reliable fume hood.

Contact the experts at Laboratory Design & Supply today to learn more about which type of fume hood is best for your lab.


Features and Benefits:

  • Safety for the user, experiment and environment

  • Contain spills

  • Protection from explosions

  • Variety of types for any purpose


Available Fume Hoods-


Ductless Fume Hoods

fume hoodsDuctless Fume Hoods are an eco-friendly choice that provides many advantages for the laboratory environment. The advanced technology within a ductless fume hood allows for carbon filtration, which is a safer alternative for both the user and the environment. Ductless fume hoods are also both energy and cost efficient and offers an electronic monitoring system that continually tests the performance of the filtration system.

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Chemical Fume Hoods

fume hoods

Chemical fume hoods protect you and other users in the lab from harmful chemical vapors. Laboratory Design & Supply provides a variety of chemical fume hood options, including a simply hood and many add-ons including gas or air outlets. All of our chemical fume hoods are created to meet and exceed SEFA standards. We use only the best quality steel to create our double wall construction in order to provide labs with a reliable and safe fume hood. Users are still able to have a full view of their work and lab environment through the use of our fume hood sash. 

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 ADA Fume Hoods

fume hoodsWe custom craft each ADA fume hood to meet all of the needs for your specific lab setting. Our ADA fume hoods are completely ADA-compliant, can be hand operated, and come standard with a stationary glass viewing panel and safety glass counterbalanced sash. Every feature of the ADA fume hood is designed to be ADA-compliant, including the lights, switches and digital airflow monitors. The white, epoxy-coated steel exterior provides the final touch to the specially made, ADA fume hoods. 

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Canopy Fume Hoods

fume hoodsIn order to vent non-toxic materials, laboratories should utilize a canopy fume hood. Heat, steam and odors, which can result from ovens or steam baths, are easily and safely removed. Our canopy fume hoods can be mounted to the wall or hung from the ceiling to provide the best flow in the lab environment, and can also be custom created to fit the exact space in your lab. Their off-white steel finish provides a clean look to any laboratory environment. 

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 Biosafety Cabinet/Hood

 fume hoodsBiosafety cabinets/hoods are utilized in labs that are handling communicable diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B and chemotherapy. Laboratory Design & Supply offers several models to choose from for biosafety cabinets and biosafety fume hoods which includes total recirculation and partial exhaust. In a risky environment that is handling communicable diseases, biosafety cabinets/hoods are extremely important to keep individuals in the lab safe. Take every precaution possible by ordering a biosafety cabinet/hood today.

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Extractor Arm Fume Hoods

fume hoodsDepending on the amount of airflow needed, an extractor arm fume hood is a great option for local fumes, odors and air streams. The typical size for most lab types is 2″, 3″, and 4″ and each can be mounted on a bench, wall or ceiling. Laboratory Design & Supply offers six different kits to best suit your lab needs and are designed to fit every type of environment. 

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Fume Hood Accessories 

fume hoodsFume hood accessories pair perfectly with any type of fume hood and help to provide an extra layer of safety to the lab environment. Lab blowers, ventilation ducting in PVC, aluminum, stainless steel, or sheet metal, and lattice rod assemblies for distillation rack applications are just a few of the fume hood accessories we supply. Each accessory comes with a variety of option for finished and materials, and can designed to meet any electrical requirements you may have. 

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Low Air Flow Fume Hoods

fume hoodsLow flow fume hoods can save you up to 40% on your energy bill in the long run. They are also able to operate at lower rates than a standard hood, meaning you can purchase a smaller blower to take up less space in the lab. Low Air Flow Fume Hoods reduce energy intake by reducing the amount of conditioned air that is required to fill the room. The money saved on energy bills and lower cost of accessories and maintenance on a Low Air Flow Fume Hood can translate into significant other funds for the work of your lab. 

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Perchloric Acid Fume Hoods 

fume hoodsPerchloric Acid Fume Hoods are designed for the specific use of perchloric acid. Each fume hood offers drainage troughs and wash down systems to help prevent the dangerous accumulation of salts. A Perchloric Acid Fume Hood comes with a bench top and is available in a variety of widths depending of your preferred use and available space. The grade of steel used in the design of Perchloric Acid Fume Hoods is designed with the nature of the acid in mind in order to provide the best protection.

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Variable Air Volume Fume Hoods 

fume hoodsVariable Air Volume Fume Hoods serve a variety of specific purposes and are sold to be used with exhaust control systems that other manufacturers provide. These systems monitor and have control over the air that is exhausted from our hood and reduces costs by maintaining a constant velocity. The sash comes in a full view version that allows the user a clear view while still protected to look at their work. The fume hood also provides a great deal of interior lighting to assist with the clarity of view.

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Walk In Fume Hoods 

fume hoodsMany different varieties of labs regularly use large lab accessories, from drum to processing units and distillation assemblies, that can utilize a walk in fume hood. These are efficient ways to handle the odors and toxic fumes from those large lab accessories. Walk in Fume Hoods can also have extra accessories added to them, such as lattice rods for hanging beakers, to increase their functionality. Each fume hood is designed to your specifications in order to meet all of your laboratory needs and capabilities.

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Radioisotope Fume Hoods

fume hoodsRadioisotope Fume Hoods are essential to a laboratory that handles radioactive materials. These fume hoods work to provide more protection for you lab and the individuals using it. Each fume comes standard with stainless steel liners and a safety glass rising sash. A corrosion resistant blower is necessary to increase the safety of this fume hood and is available in PVC, polypropylene or fiberglass-reinforced plastic. We fit both the hood and all of the accessories necessary for the Radioisotope fume hood to the exact specifications of your laboratory. 

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Polypropylene Fume Hoods

fume hoodsFor acid-rich environments, polypropylene fume hoods are the best safety solution. We custom design each to withstand hydrochloric, nitric, hydrofluoric and sulfuric acids. The hood is made to be highly resist and durable, so your investment will see a long term return. The hood is also non-porous, which means it can be used for food research in addition to the chemical based labs. It is also designed to reduce air back flow which allows for smoother processes.


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Fume Hoods for Different Types of Lab Settings

Food science and research

Food science explores the nature of food and the elements of food processing. In order to gain the most knowledge from experiments, safety for both the researcher and experiment should be the first priority. Lab fume hoods serve just that purpose and can help provide the safest lab setting possible.

Chemical, petrochemical and oil-related research and development

Working in a chemistry lab or with oil related products involved the handling of certain dangerous substances and chemicals. The fume hood works as a major method to protect workers from the effects or potential consequences of these chemicals.

Educational, k-12, college & university and technical school

Educational lab settings are essential for the development of a science education. Experiments allow students to witness essential processes firsthand. Since students are learning proper methods, they are at an increased risk of mishandling toxic substances. This makes a fume hood a necessity for all educational labs. It protects the students, teachers and experiment itself.


Pharmaceutical labs are where medications that are on the market today originate. This setting is used for the development and manufacturing of drugs. This makes it a highly volatile environment. Lab fume hoods work to not only protect the user, but they also protect the drugs themselves. This ensures higher quality products.


Chemotherapy drugs are designed to be toxic in order to fight the cancer cells in the body. This means that development in a chemotherapy lab setting is a process to be taken very seriously. Fume hoods ensure a high level of safety for both the chemotherapy drug and the researcher.

Hospital pathology, blood science research, communicable disease research

Lab settings having to do with blood science, pathology and disease research can incur a large risk for transference of toxic chemicals into the air. These labs require the utmost care and safety when conducting experiments. Lab fume hoods work to keep toxins out of the air and reduce the effects of a potential spill.

Dialysis research

Dialysis is the process of separating molecules for different purposes, including medical treatment. In this lab setting, it is important to protect the user, experiment and environment from any harmful substances that might result from the process. Lab fume hoods play a major part in research lab safety.


laboratory fume hoods

What is the right laboratory fume hood for your application?

LDS will work with you to design the right  fume hood with the fixtures and accessories you need.  We will provide you with a CAD drawing of your specific hood so you know what your order will look like once delivered and set up in your factory or office.  If you choose to have us install it for you, we will unpack the hood, set the hood top in place with the hood on top.  You will need to have a mechanical/HVAC professional there to make the final electrical, plumbing and ductwork connections (according to local building codes).

For more information about laboratory fume hood and accessories or our explosion/spark resistant fume hood systems, please call 770-932-1118 or email. All of our products have passed or met fume hood certification requirements.