ADA Fume Hoods

Custom Fabricated ADA Fume Hoods to meet your ADA lab environment

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4′ Protector XL HOPEC IV Laboratory ADA Fume Hoods, ADA-compliant hand operated, positive energy control design (HOPEC), 8.69″ ID exhaust connection, stationary glass viewing panel, yellow flush sill/air foil with spill trough, chemical-resistant molded composite panel liner and adjustable baffle, 1/4″ thick tempered safety glass vertical-rising counterbalanced sash, front and interior access panels, ADA-compliant light, switch and digital airflow monitor, glacier white, dry powder epoxy-coated steel exterior. Contact LDS for explosion-proof models of ADA Fume Hoods at 770-932-1118 or email.

ADA fume hoods