Chemical Fume Hoods

Protect your employees from harmful vapors with Chemical Fume Hoods!


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All of our chemical fume hoods are made to SEFA standards of a double wall construction and high quality steel with a baked enamel paint finish. The fume hood sash is a full-view type providing an unobstructed view of the hood’s interior and fixtures.  You can also order a horizontal sliding sash for patio-door style operation. 

You can choose a simple hood with just electrical outlets and a blower switch and light switch. We can also supply your hood with gas, air, vacuum, nitrogen, helium, steam or other gas outlets.

Your chemical fume hood can be designed to accommodate a cupsink or a full sized sink for more intensive processes. Our hood tops are dished epoxy resin to keep spills in the work area.

You can choose from a variety of hood bases including wood, polypro, stainless steel, epoxy coated steel, flammable storage and acid storage.

LDS can provide the proper blower for your chemical fume hoods including explosion/spark resistant, acid resistant polypropylene and pvc and epoxy coated steel.

All of our chemical fume hoods are made to order, so let us know if you need a special size or configuration.  Generally speaking, our hoods are prewired and preplumbed at the factory for easy connection by your mechanical contractor in the field.

chemical fume hoods

Below are just a few of the options/accessories you may choose for your chemical fume hood:


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