Polypropylene Casework

Polypropylene Casework for the most Demanding Corrosive Environments!

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LDS Polypropylene Casework is rated with the highest acid resistance. Our lab casework is manufactured with no exposed metals.

Our polypropylene casework units are constructed of 100% refrigerator white, stress-relieved, acid-resistant polypropylene. All materials are virgin polypropylene–no recycled materials are used.  Polypro  standard construction features 3/8” thick material. All joints are thermally welded by a special process that ensures leak-tight, superior strength and flush unions and seams.

Polypropylene is also available in ¼”, ½” and 1” thicknesses. All shelves are standard ½” thick. Drawers are rated for 100 lbs. Note: polypropylene lab casework is also available in blue, black and natural (translucent).

LDS can also fabricate 100% polypropylene countertops for you with a 1” thickness for lab casework and cabinets.


Polypropylene Casework Benefits:

    • Will never rust or corrode
    • Superior spill containment
    • No exposed metals–even hinges and drawer slides are polypropylene
    • Welded construction
    • Suitable for many clean room applications
    • Well-suited for central sterile and surgical areas


polypropylene lab casework

Our polypropylene cabinet door and drawer configurations are available for download in pdf format:  polypropylene lab casework door and drawer configurations.

For more information about our polypropylene laboratory casework, please call 770-932-1118 or email.