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Multi-Purpose Epoxy, Phenolic, Stainless and Polypropylene Lab Countertops That Will Improve Any Lab!

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From Durcon epoxy countertops, and phenolic (available in white, black, gray and off white) countertops to maple hardwood or stainless steel – we can provide you the lab countertops for your application. We also offer traditional high-pressure laminate countertops. LDS has a wide spectrum of color combinations from which to choose.  If you need superior acid resistance and a non-porous work surface, then you should consider polypropylene countertops. 

Whether you like a traditional look or more modern resin lab countertops, all of our lab tops are designed for beauty as well as durability and longevity. Rounded edges and corners provide a safer working environment, protecting workers and lab equipment.

All of our lab countertop suppliers are members of the Scientific Equipment & Furniture Association and abide by their standards for quality and craftsmanship. We also can provide shelving solutions for all of your needs in metal, polypropylene, phenolic or epoxy resin and laminate or wood options.

Laboratory countertops set up the look of your entire lab. Laboratory Design & Supply offers many options for high quality lab countertops. We ensure both style and safety.

For information about polypropylene, Trespa brand phenolic, wooden, stainless steel or Durcon epoxy laboratory countertops offered in our product line please contact us at 770-932-1118 or by email.

Features and Benefits: 

  • Safer edges
  • Many options for materials and color
  • High quality
  • Durable


Epoxy Resin Color Options