Leasing Laboratory Casework

Laboratory Casework, Hoods and Installation

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The benefits of the new lab equipment will often generate enough cash flow or save enough money to make your lease payments for you. From increased safety to durable materials, new lab furniture and equipment will not only improve the look of your lab but will directly affect productivity. 

A properly tailored lease gives you the benefit of having the lab equipment you need without all the ownership risk and financial pressures. Leasing allows you to purchase needed materials sooner by tailoring costs to meet your budget.

Features and Benefits:

Why should I lease my laboratory casework?

  • Leasing minimizes the demands on capital, cash flow and bank lines of credit; preserving those funds for other uses or unforseen opportunities or emergencies.
  • Leasing allows you to acquire the lab equipment now with flexible solutions to fit your budget.
  • Leasing provides flexibility to gain tax benefits for various situations, effectively reducing the cost of the lab equipment.

Would you pay an employee their salary five years in advance? Of course not. But when you pay cash for equipment you’re essentially doing this. Allow the lab equipment to pay for itself as you use it.

Please contact LDS for more information on leasing your lab project at 770-932-1118 or by email.

leasing laboratory casework