What a year 2020 was!  While I am sure many of us are still holding our breath, we are also still trying to accurately forecast for our businesses, while also future proofing our investments.  It is not an easy task especially during such unprecedented times and, now more than ever, pre-planning is critical for the success of your business.

Here at LabDS, we believe in your success and we want to do our part!  Collaborating with you to determine and prepare a realistic budget for your laboratory projects is something that requires time and attention.  Our well-equipped team here at LabDS is prepared to embrace this collaboration.  With over a century of combined experience and a thirst for continued education in groundbreaking solutions in the lab space, this is an area that sets LabDS apart from many.

After a strenuous 2020, we need each other more than ever!   Which is why we have expanded our partnerships and broadened our view to provide you with a more holistic solution.  Helping you recover and thrive is just our way of saying that we want to partner with you for the long term.

From now until July 2021, we are offering a complimentary consulting package which will allow you to present a more accurate budget proposal for approval.  This will include preliminary drawings, complete with legend and formal budgetary quote.  We will keep lines of communication open and work with you to ensure not only accuracy, but a tailored plan for your space.

Reach out today to see how a personalized budgetary forecast can help you get ahead.  Stay safe and thanks again for all your continued business.


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