Canopy Fume Hoods

Canopy Fume Hoods

Custom Canopy Fume Hoods for any application in your lab!

Canopy Fume Hoods are designed to vent non-toxic materials such as heat, steam and odors from large or bulky apparatus such as ovens, steam baths and autoclaves. Our canopy hoods are either wall-mounted or suspended from the ceiling; some have a built-in baffle to increase air velocities and enhance the overall capture efficiency. Most canopies are off-white epoxy-coated steel.

While there are standard sizes for canopy fume hoods, your hood can be fabricated to your specific size requirements. LabDS canopy fume hoods are usually made from epoxy coated steel, but we can also make them using stainless steel T304 or T316 for more demanding environments.

Our custom fabricated stainless steel Canopy Fume Hoods come with a brushed #4 finish and will give your lab that clinical, clean look.

Standard depth on most canopy fume hoods is 30″, but we can fabricate custom canopies in single units up to 96″w x 60″d. Going beyond those dimensions would require us to piece together the hood for you.

We also fabricate polyethylene canopy fume hood for the most demanding corrosive environments. White, stress-relieved polyethylene is the premium material for acid and corrosion resistance. Poly hoods are manufactured with no exposed metal parts.

Please specify your size and performance requirements so we can build the right canopy hood for your needs. We will need to know the size you want and the amount of airflow (in CFMs) that you need.

Let us help you size the blower for your new canopy. The total amount of airflow you’ll need will depend greatly on how it’s mounted and how many open sides there are.

For more information about canopy fume hoods, please call 770-932-1118 or email.