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We Can Make Lab Cabinets, Lab Furniture and Casework to Order

Laboratory Design & Supply can provide heavy-duty lab cabinets for your research, quality control or educational lab environment.  Our product line includes wood, metal, laminate, polypropylene, stainless steel and phenolic resin units.  We also specialize in flexible modular cabinets. We offer our lab cabinets, lab furniture and casework in a wide variety of sizes so that it can fit any space imaginable.

We also work with various custom fabricators who can make products to your drawings and specifications.  LabDS sells lab cabinets in a very wide variety of configurations and sizes to meet any project need you might have.  Our products are made to the highest standards to give you maximum value for your dollar.  After all, shouldn’t your lab cabinets last?

Our services only begin with great products.  We employ a team of experienced estimators and project managers to help you work through your project. Your project manager will help you select the best material options for the job and then work with you to get the items shipped and installed.  We install projects all over North America.

Laboratory Design and Supply Inc. can create your lab space from a variety of sizes and styles to give you the perfect work environment. We feature top brands such as Labconco, Durcon and Watersaver.  Our combination of superior materials, timely delivery and an experienced installation team will ensure that your project is completed to your satisfaction.

We ensure the highest quality materials so that you can have the best lab cabinets in your space. We focus on accessibility so that your lab cabinets will best serve your purpose.

Features and Benefits:

  • Several options for materials
  • Flexible sizing
  • Shipping and installation


Listed below are the types of lab cabinets we use in our designs:



Our metal casework is painted with chemically resistant epoxy powder-coat enamel. This casework features easily removable/replaceable cabinet bottoms. They also feature adjustable level feet. Our Metal casework features sides, back and toe spaces that are constructed with 18 gauge steel. The drawers are attached to a ball-bearing drawer slide. Our metal casework has SEFA approved manufacturing standards. Our wall cases are available in solid door, framed hinged glass door and sliding glass door, and are available in either 13″ or 16″ depths.



Our Phenolic Resin casework is super strong and sturdy. This material is resistant to many acids and solvents, and durable in high moisture content areas. These are available in a large variety of door and drawer configurations and a variety of color choices, including a wood grain option. The Phenolic casework is suitable for all areas of the lab or hospital, including lockers, central sterile areas, and nurse stations. They feature a removable back panel for easy access to rear chase area. Phenolic casework is odor and rust-resistant, and very easy to maintain.



Our wood casework is long-lasting featuring heavy-duty hinges and drawers. Our wood casework adds a degree of warmth to any sterile environment. We offer many finishes you can choose from and wood material ranging from maple to oak, offered in both vertical and horizontal grain matching looks. Wood casework is more cost-effective compared to other casework. They feature a square edge, with lipped construction or 3mm edging options. Our wood casework is AWI Certificated manufacturing, and is LEED project compliant.



Our polypropylene casework is our highest acid-resistant casework. This casework will never rust or corrode. It is manufactured with no exposed metals and features superior spill containment. Our polypropylene casework is made using welded construction. This casework is suitable for many clean room applications, as well as central sterile and surgical areas. Polypropylene is available in 1/4″, 1/2″, and 1″ thicknesses. Polypropylene casework is available in 100% refrigerator white, and also in blue, black and natural (translucent) colors.


Stainless Steel

Our stainless steel casework is great for wet lab environments. It is extremely durable, and rust and stain-resistant. It is easy to clean, and will not chip or fade. stainless steel casework is available in T304 or T316 grades. It is adaptable to any color scheme or decor. This casework will withstand aggressive cleaners including bleach dilutions. The stainless steel is made 100% recyclable materials. Components of our stainless steel casework can be used, therefore you can reconfigure your space, without disposing of your casework or cabinets.


Plastic Laminate

Our plastic laminate casework features hinges and drawers that are built to last. The drawer slides are electrostatically epoxy powder coated, cold-rolled steel, heavy-duty side-mounted and have a 150-pound load capacity. The plastic laminate material has a nominal thickness of .030 inches. The hinges are institutional type 5-knuckle and made from chrome-plated mild steel. Our laminate casework is a Wilsonart Chemsurf trusted product.


School Science

We also offer school science casework, for students from kindergarten and college-level classes. We offer student workstations serving up to 16 students. Our casework has the option for service islands with sinks and fixtures. These can come in trifacial or octagonal workstations. Our wall and tall cabinets are available in many sizes and configurations. Our school science casework features motorized LabView workstations with electrical service. Many of these items are available on our Fastrak delivery program and could ship out in 7 business days.


Flexible Modular Systems

Our Flexible Modular Systems promise offers many advantages. It promises easy installation of utilities and allows you to utilize different casework design styles. It also offers financial help as it reduces the initial installation costs and lowers the cost of reconfiguring existing spaces in the future. Flexible Modular Systems allows you to suspended, floor mounted, and mobile casework design styles. We also utilize suspended base cabinets with regularity, making cleaning very easy.



Our design specialists and project managers are ready to help you take the next step toward the completion of your lab renovation/construction project.  For additional info about how we can help you get started, please call 770-932-1118 or email us.