Low Flow Fume Hoods

Low Flow Fume Hoods

Custom Fabricated Low Flow Fume Hoods for Energy Savings!

Benefits of Low Flow Fume Hoods
You want to save as much as 40% on your energy bill long term. That’s definitely a good enough reason to buy a low flow fume hood system. Low flow hoods can pass ASHRAE hood testing operating at approximately 60% of what a standard airfoil bypass hood operates at. This means smaller and less powerful blowers for you to purchase, maintain and replace.

It also means that you can reduce the amount of conditioned air that you have to pump into the room where your hoods reside. This means smaller air conditioners, furnaces and air handlers.

These savings could mean thousands of dollars over a 6-10 year period. Money that you could use to bolster your research and development, hire new staff or invest in new equipment.

Although your safety officer or industrial hygienist will determine the actual face velocity setting for your laboratory, the ability of our low flow fume hoods to contain under these adverse conditions sets a new standard of safety.

Safety is foremost, but energy savings are equally impressive. Although face velocity is a factor, it’s the volumetric rate (CFM) that determines the energy consumption of a fume hood. Operating a 6′ Protector XStream Hood at 60 fpm face velocity, with the sash in its fully open position, requires only 690 CFM.

Regardless of your desired operating face velocity, the Protector XStream yields the lowest required CFM.

4′ Protector XStream Laboratory Fume Hood, by-pass airflow design, patented Rear Downflow Dual Baffle System, aerodynamic air foil with Clean-Sweep openings, chemical-resistant molded composite panel liner, 3/16″ thick tempered safety glass vertical-rising sash with containment-enhancing perforated sash handle, Upper Dilution Air Supply, 12.81″ ID exhaust connection, ADA-compliant light and blower switches, sash stop at 18″ sash height, front and interior access panels, at 60 fpm this hood exhausts 440 CFM at 0.08″ H2O static pressure, glacier white dry powder epoxy-coated steel exterior.

We have included a PDF about Labconco Xstream Low Air Flow Chemical Hoods for your convenience.

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