Perchloric Acid Fume Hood

Perchloric Acid Fume Hoods

Custom Fabricated Perchloric Acid Fume Hoods

Protector Stainless Steel Perchloric Acid Fume Hoods are designed specifically for all procedures in the laboratory involving the use of perchloric acid. They feature wash down systems, integral work surfaces and drainage troughs so that they may be thoroughly rinsed after each use to prevent the accumulation of potentially reactive perchloric salts.

Available in 4, 5, 6 and 8-foot widths, this benchtop laboratory chemical fume hoods feature a corrosion-resistant Type 316 stainless steel interior to withstand reaction from perchloric acid. Our Perchloric acid fume hoods also feature an integral one-piece stainless steel worksurface. The one-piece liner is free of joints, cracks or crevices to prevent the build-up of residue and simplify all decontamination procedures.


Perchloric Acid Fume Hoods Features:

  • constructed of stainless steel features exclusive unitized dual wall construction for superior chemical resistance, strength,and durability. Rear drain trough is integral to superstructure. Fume Chamber type 316 stainless steel fume chamber and baffle. Dedicated wash down with integral piping spray nozzles & remote control on column
  • integral stainless steel work surface for superior acid resistance and durability
  • removable to access ducting connections, wash down system, and electrical services from a single point electrical box,115V/60Hz AC operation. Energy efficient explosion proof light fixture, with light switch on left column, all factory installed.
  • by pass airflow design
  • energy efficient fluorescent light fixture
  • tempered glass vertical rising sash system
  • sold with internal duct ring wash down nozzle system
  • 115v light switch and blower switch prewired at the factory for ease of installation
  • ASHRAE tested at the factory


For more information about perchloric acid fume hoods, please call 770-932-1118 or email.