Variable Air Fume Hoods

Variable Air Fume Hoods

Custom Variable Air Volume (VAV) Hood

The Variable Air Fume Hood is specifically designed for use with exhaust control systems provided by other manufacturers that monitor and control the amount of air being exhausted from the Hood. The use of these devices will maintain a constant face velocity and greatly reduce the operating cost of the Fume Hood.



A lintel at the upper front of the superstructure restricts the Hood air intake to the front sash opening. By incorporating any one of a number of commercially available VAV controls, the exhaust volume of the Hood can be varied to maintain a specified face velocity regardless of sash position.

The full view sash provides a clear, unobstructed view of the work surface and when fully opened, allows easy access to all areas of the Hood interior. The sash is counterweighted for easy up/down operation and is made of 7/32″ laminated safety glass with a full-width flush pull.

The lower airfoil acts as a sash stop designed to provide a 1″ gap (with sash closed) allowing air to continuously sweep the countertop of the Variable Air Fume Hood.

Double sidewall Hood construction provides adequate space for mounting service fixtures. The interior “Resin-Chem” lining has removable access panels on either side providing easy access for installation and maintenance of service and electrical fixtures. Both exterior side panels of the Hood superstructure are also removable for access to lines.


Interior Lighting

A twin tube fluorescent light fixture provides illumination of the Variable Air Fume Hood interior surfaces. The fixture is recessed into the interior Hood ceiling and protected behind a sealed safety glass panel away from hazardous vapors and corrosive fumes. Tubes (included with Hood purchase) are easily replaced from the outside of the Hood superstructure.



A variety of optional service fixtures are available from LabDS for installation in the Variable Air Fume Hood. Mounting holes for fixtures and electrical receptacles are pre-cut and capped when fixtures are not required.


For more information about variable air fume hoods, please call 770-932-1118 or email.