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Adjustable Lab Bench

We can provide you with a Lab Bench optimized for your needs. The adjustable lab bench by Laboratory Design & Supply is a basic component of most laboratories regardless of the size...

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Canopy Fume Hoods

Canopy Fume Hoods are designed to vent non-toxic materials such as heat, steam and odors from large or bulky apparatus such as ovens, steam baths and autoclaves...

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Certified Minority Supplier

Lab DS has been certified by the National Minority Supplier Development Council as an official Minority Supplier of laboratory furniture and services. Our certification can be found here.    … Read More

Chemical Fume Hoods

Protect your employees from harmful vapors with Chemical Fume Hoods! All of our chemical fume hoods are made to SEFA standards of a double wall construction and high-quality steel with a baked enamel paint finish...

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Coated Steel Blowers

BUY Epoxy Coated Steel Blowers from LabDS! The standard blower for most ordinary laboratories would be epoxy coated steel...

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Dental Arm

Portable filter system with the highest filter rating (ULPA) for virus filtration. Portable filter system for environments where protection against viruses is essential, e.g. dental clinics...

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Ductless Fume Hoods

DUCTLESS TECHNOLOGY:The Eco-friendly Choice

Advanced carbon filtration technology offers a safe, high performance alternative to conventional ducted fume hoods for a broad range of applications.

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Emergency Response

Whether there is the need to set up a makeshift testing or diagnostic laboratory in response to an epidemic or biological disaster or simply the need to urgently replace a sink that broke at an inconvenient time, we offer quick ship solutions that can get your product to you fast!

Epoxy Countertop

We can offer your lab a Custom Epoxy Countertop for lasting results. Our epoxy countertop is the top choice for the laboratory seeking a long-lasting, durable top material...

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Epoxy Sinks

Durable Epoxy Sinks for all of your Lab needs. Laboratory Design and Supply offers a wide variety of lab-grade epoxy sinks for every possible application...

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Ergonomic Lab Design

From now until February 2021, we are offering a complimentary consulting package which will allow you to present a more accurate budget proposal for approval.