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Lab Tables

Free-Standing Lab Tables Available in Metal, Wood, Stainless Steel & Polypropylene. At Laboratory Design & Supply, we understand the importance of your work surface to the success of your project...

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Laboratory Faucets

Laboratory faucets are a staple part of any lab. We offer high-quality lab faucets that pair nicely with any sink or countertop. Our faucets meet any need or look that you desire for your lab...

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Laboratory Fixtures

Laboratory Design and Supply offers a complete line of laboratory fixtures for every need in your labs. We have outlets for gas, air, vacuum, nitrogen, acetylene, oxygen and many other gases...

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Laboratory Relocation Services

Whether you are downsizing, consolidating or expanding your laboratory facilities, call us first! LabDS specializes in laboratory relocation and laboratory renovation. Due to a stressing economy, many corporations are downsizing or consolidating their facilities…

Laboratory Renovation Services

At Laboratory Design and Supply, we specialize in helping our customers utilize their existing space as efficiently as possible.

Expert laboratory renovation can help you keep your own space. No new leases, buildouts and construction contracts to worry about. LabDS can devise a plan for your location which meets your needs both financially and schedule-wise…

Laboratory Safety Equipment

Having the right kind of laboratory safety equipment in your lab can save a life, and Laboratory Design and Supply can provide you with the highest quality products to meet all of those needs...

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Legal Info

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Looking Ahead

From now until February 2021, we are offering a complimentary consulting package which will allow you to present a more accurate budget proposal for approval.

Low Flow Fume Hoods

Custom Fabricated Low Flow Fume Hoods for Energy Savings! You want to save as much as 40% on your energy bill long term. That’s definitely a good enough reason to buy a low flow fume hood system...

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Metal Casework

Flush or Overlay Metal Casework for Laboratory Design. LabDS Metal Lab Casework has a “flush surface” design and is built in accordance with the industry standard for metal lab casework.

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Movie Production Equipment

LabDS provides Movie Production Equipment and Movie Set Equipment made to order based on your specific movie or television production needs...

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Narcotic Storage Cabinets

LabDS has the top-rated Narcotic Storage Options Available Today! MED-CAM™ wall hung narcotic storage cabinets are designed for secure storage of narcotics...

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Paint Storage Cabinets

LabDS is pleased to offer safe paint storage cabinets and ink combustible storage. With our combustible storage cabinets, you can separate and identify Class III combustibles in high-performance paint storage cabinets...

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Perchloric Acid Fume Hood

Custom Fabricated Perchloric Acid Fume Hoods. Protector Stainless Steel Perchloric Acid Fume Hoods are designed specifically for all procedures in the laboratory involving the use of perchloric acid...

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Pesticide Storage Cabinets and Lockers

Protect Your Employees today with LabDS Pesticide Storage Cabinets! Pesticides are regulated as hazardous waste when disposed of. Improper pesticide storage and disposal can be hazardous to human health and the environment.

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Phenolic Casework

LabDS Phenolic Casework is made from solid phenolic panels that have been thermo-fused under heat and pressure to form a solid black chemical resistant phenolic core. Base lab cabinets provide a removable back panel for easy access to the service chase.

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Phenolic Countertop

There are advantages to using a phenolic countertop compared to other tops. Phenolic countertops are easily altered in the field using simple and readily available carbide-tipped bits and blades (available at any hardware or home store). Phenolic countertops are lighter and easier to work with as well.

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Plastic Laminate Casework

LabDS offers the laboratory color and style using traditional plastic laminate casework materials. The high-pressure, vertical grade plastic laminate has a nominal thickness of .030 inches...

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