While working in a scientific lab, researchers might be exposed to an array of different types of harmful substances. Different types of safety risks are always present including being burned, obtaining chemical irritations, getting a laceration, or even inhaling a harmful substance. Laboratory safety equipment should be a top priority in any lab, and it is important to do your due diligence when purchasing the equipment needed to keep everyone safe. Consider the following lab safety equipment list prior to opening up a lab.

Safety Showers

In many circumstances, harmful chemicals might react with the skin. If this is the case, safety showers are able to quickly and efficiently rinse the skin of any substance that might cause a burn or rash. This type of lab safety equipment is large and can expel water from above, making it easy to rinse any part of the body that might be in danger. This can include the head or face, the torso area, or even the legs. Usually, these showers contain a pull string that will promptly release water allowing the researcher to rinse off when needed.

Fire Extinguishers

Like in many public places, fire extinguishers are extremely important when working in a lab. Often, lab workers are testing different chemicals that they might not know the reaction of. A fire extinguisher is definitely necessary in case a small fire is formed in the lab. Extinguishers are an important item for your lab safety equipment as they can prevent devastating fires in entire buildings. The fire extinguisher should be kept in an easily accessible place. This can allow for immediate use in case any item that is easily flammable catches on fire.

Safety Goggles

Safety goggles should be available at all times while working in a lab, even if the equipment a person is using seems like it cannot affect the eyes. This part of our body is so sensitive to even particles floating through the air, that a person can be affected by another persons’ work on the other side of the room. Safety goggles are clear and fit securely over a person’s eyes. This is to ensure that any airborne chemical, or anything that can spill or splatter, cannot harm a person’s eyes.

Lab Coats

Lab coats might seem silly at first, but they are the first line of defense in keeping workers safe from chemicals or other harmful items. Lab coats are made of durable material and are intended to cover most of the body including the arms, torso, and legs. If any small accidents occur, the lab coat is able to keep our skin safe and prevent injury. Lab coats are especially important when working with items that can easily spill, splatter, or ignite. This important piece of clothing should be worn at all times.

Eyewash Stations

This piece of laboratory safety equipment is arguably the most important thing someone can have in any lab. This can be used as a second line of defense after safety goggles. If any substance were to get in the eyes of a lab worker, an eyewash station can most definitely save someone’s vision. This altered version of a sink will spray water up and in doing so, a person places their face downward toward the water allowing them to rinse their eyes out. Be sure it is always in an area that is easily accessible in case of an emergency.

Fire Blankets

In the rare occurrence that a person’s clothes ignite in flames, it is important to have a fire blanket handy to prevent any additional burns or injuries. If a person catches on fire in a lab, they should first use the stop, drop, and roll method. If the fire is not extinguished at this point, a fire blanket can be used as a last resort to smother the fire and make sure it is completely out. This can stop the fire in its tracks so that it does not continuously burn the person. A fire blanket is an essential piece of lab safety equipment as it can easily prevent intense injury or even death.

Lab Refrigerators

Refrigerators made for scientific labs are different from normal household fridges or industrial-sized refrigerators used in grocery stores or restaurants. These fridges typically have locks so that only those who are authorized can access the substances inside. These types of appliances are also able to monitor temperature and humidity more closely so that the chemicals or liquids inside are kept safe when not in use. These specific machines are intended for scientific labs and should always be used over a domestic refrigerator.


There are many different types of gloves that are recommended for use in a lab. Depending on what the lab worker is trying to accomplish, there should be many different types of gloves available for use. This includes disposable gloves like latex and nitrile, or more heavy-duty gloves that can protect from heat and different chemicals. Having a vast option of gloves is essential for any type of lab safety equipment closet.

Chemical Fume Hood

This important lab safety item is a large cabinet-like structure that is very important in protecting lab workers from different types of harmful items. The chemical fume hood is equipped with an enclosure that, when used properly, is able to protect people from inhaling dangerous chemicals, vapors, gases, or dust. Researchers are able to set up their workspace so that any harmful item that is released during a specific time is caught by the fume hood and ventilated out of the lab through an exhaust system.

First Aid Kits

For every other time that an injury might occur, first aid kits should be readily available. Even if a small incident takes place, such as a cut or small burn, every event should be taken seriously. First aid kits come with sterilizing wipes, gauze, many different sizes of bandages, and many other items that can aid in the case of a small injury. Lab safety equipment lists are not complete without this important item.

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