BUY Epoxy Coated Steel Blowers from LabDS!

The standard blower for most ordinary laboratories would be epoxy coated steel. Coated steel blowers are an economical way to vent many common exhausts from your lab fume hood.

Coated steel blowers come in single or three-phase operation and can be manufactured to meet almost any operational standard from 150 cfm to well over 5000 cfm and at varying levels of static pressure.

LabDS uses a factory-applied epoxy coating on this type of blower, and it will resist corrosion in many common lab environments. We equip each coated steel blower with spring vibration isolators which will reduce vibration and noise in your exhaust system.

We also add a drain fitting on each unit so that you can maintain the blower by evacuating moisture at the bottom of the blower

Epoxy Coated Steel Blower Applications:

  • Healthcare
  • General science/chemistry research
  • Educational
  • Food technology research
  • Pathology
  • Blood science research
  • Electronics development
  • Steam
  • Miscellaneous vapors and odors/smoke

We would be happy to quote a coated steel blower for you today. Please provide the needed cfm, static pressure and the length of the duct run (along with the number of elbows). If you have questions, please contact us by phone at 770-932-1118 or email.

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