LabDS provides Movie Production Equipment and Movie Set Equipment made to order based on your specific movie or television production needs.

LabDS Movie Production Equipment is designed by our CAD engineers to work within the framework and design requirements of your television or movie production set. We take your concept and convert it into a properly-scaled and detailed CAD-based shop drawing for your approval. We work with your set designers and producers to create the “look” that you absolutely must-have for your movie props. Our products are made to SEFA standards.

Types of Production Equipment and Casework We Offer

Laboratory Design & Supply is in the heart of movie production country in Georgia. We have some items that are available on our quick-ship program in case your production is on a tight schedule.

Here’s the process

Send us a sketch of what you need. We will price it including freight charges and installation as an option. Once we have your order, our design engineers will submit to you a drawing for your verification of the dimensions, color finish selection and location of cutouts and other needed fabrication. This is usually a collaborative process and we will work with you to ensure the design is exactly what you need. When you sign-off on the drawings, we will immediately submit material orders for fabrication. Our materials are generally made to order, so there usually is a lead time. We will ship directly to your production set location. If you need us to perform the installation, we will work with your production schedule to make sure we can have installation completed as needed.

For more information or to submit a drawing for pricing, please call 770-932-1118 or email

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