Free-Standing Lab Tables Available in Metal, Wood, Stainless Steel & Polypropylene

At Laboratory Design & Supply, we understand the importance of your work surface to the success of your project. LabDS offers a vast array of freestanding lab tables that bring the utmost benefits for any type of government, medical, industrial, educational or private research specialist. All our tables are made to order, so you have a multitude of options when it comes to length, width, height, and vertical adjustability. You’ve come to the right place for a lab table.

Our manufacturing procedures are highly rigid in order to ensure that the quality of our work meets our client’s needs. Our fabricators use the most up-to-date manufacturing techniques that yield aesthetically pleasing and yet functionally superior products.

Table Types

Our research and science lab tables are designed to last, and it shows in every component that we use. This includes science tables made from wood, painted steel, stainless steel and phenolic resin. We also can fabricate from polypropylene, an extremely acid-resistant material.

Our wood lab tables are made by a manufacturer with over 65 years of experience in the wood casework and furniture business. Quality in design and finishing is their forte. Their state-of-the-art production and assembly facility is automated and efficient, and they can customize tables as needed.

Painted steel lab tables are a staple of the modern laboratory, and ours are built like a tank. These powder-coated heavy gauge welded steel units will withstand several hundred pounds each, depending on which countertop you choose. We have both the fixed-height units as well as the telescoping adjustable height styles. In addition to standard apron style frame tables, we also are capable of fabricating C-frame style tables, which often feature heavy gauge steel uprights, overhead shelving, monitor arms and custom bin storage systems. We can also wire and plumb them for gases, electrical service or data.

Stainless steel tables provide a durable and clean work surface suitable for many settings. Our stainless steel lab tables can be made from either T304 or T316 material, depending on what your specification requires. We can do either the welded stainless leg style or the round billet post style. Be sure to let us know if you have any other customizations as that is our specialty.

We also fabricate specialty tables made from both phenolic resin and polypropylene for your harshest environments. Phenolic and polypropylene are both excellent at resisting moisture and acid, and either would be fantastic for the hospital central sterilization work area.

Do you want cabinets suspended up under your table? We can design the table frame to handle the additional weight, and we can order the cabinets as well and fold those into a single project to make it easier for you.

Many fabricators stick to 4 ft, 5 ft, 6 ft or 8 ft tables sizes. We can make any size in between that the materials will allow. Customization allows you to have what you need in your lab. We want to add value to your lab project, and customization is how we do it.

Our design and sales team features over 110 years of laboratory table and casework experience, so we can guide you in the decision process to make sure you have the product that’s right for your application.

Let us help you get your laboratory table project off the ground and into production today!

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