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If your lab exhaust consists of flammable materials on a regular basis or you are using a perchloric acid hood, you will need to utilize explosion resistant blowers. In an explosive environment, the hood and blower need to be spark-resistant. Some refer to this as an “explosion proof blower” although that description isn’t really accurate at all. No blower on the market today is “explosion proof”, but many are manufactured to resist explosions/sparks using special materials and manufacturing processes.

The fan motor should generally be totally enclosed and fan cooled so as to protect the wiring from flammable materials in the airstream. Explosion/spark resistant blowers are available in steel, PVC and polypropylene. We generally use polypropylene for this purpose as it also lasts longer than steel in most applications.

The Air Movement and Control Association sets standards for spark and explosion resistance. We can fabricate your explosion resistant blower to those safety standards.

We can supply spark-resistant blowers in coated steel, fiberglass or polypropylene, depending on the needs of your environment. We have single or three-phase motors available as well.

Below are some industrial environments where an explosion/spark resistant blower might be useful:

  • Dip tanks containing flammable or combustible liquids
  • Dry cleaning plants
  • Organic coating manufacturing plants
  • Paint spray booths
  • Spray finishing areas (residue must be considered)
  • Petroleum dispensing areas
  • Solvent extraction plants
  • Plants manufacturing or using pyroxylin
  • (nitro-cellulose) type and other plastics
  • Locations where inhalation anesthetics are used
  • Utility gas plants and operations involving storage and handling and liquefied petroleum and natural gas
  • Aircraft hangars and fuel servicing areas
  • Petroleum refining facilities
  • Grain elevators and bulk handling facilities
  • Magnesium and aluminum powder manufacture and storage facilities
  • Starch manufacture and storage facilities
  • Fireworks manufacture and storage facilities
  • Flour and feed mills
  • Pulverized sugar and cocoa packaging and handling areas
  • Coal preparation and handling facilities
  • Spice grinding plants
  • Confectionery manufacturing plants

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