We install Laboratory Faucets for functionality and looks!

Laboratory faucets are a staple part of any lab. We offer high-quality lab faucets that pair nicely with any sink or countertop. Our faucets meet any need or look that you desire for your lab.

  • Many options for materials
  • Multiple services
  • Quality products
  • Designed for the look of your lab
  • Mixing Faucets
  • Combo Multi-Service Fixtures
  • Cold Water only Faucets
  • Chrome-plated faucets
  • DI (deionized for pure water or reverse osmosis) faucets
  • All Plastic Faucets
  • CPVC (plastic for hot and cold water) Faucets
  • Epoxy Coated Faucets for acid resistance
  • Deck Mounted Faucets
  • Panel Mounted Faucets

We can supply your lab with commercial-grade laboratory faucets that can perform any function.

If your concern is rust resistance, then we have all plastic faucets and stainless steel units.

If your concern is for pure water or reverse osmosis water systems, we have stainless steel, PVC and CPVC along with tin-lined brass units.

If you are in a corrosive environment, then we can help you with epoxy coated units or plastic laboratory faucets.

If you need pre-rinse capabilities, we can provide flexible units.

  • Larger gooseneck sizes up to 12″
  • Vacuum breakers for backflow prevention
  • Foot pedal operation for hands-free operation
  • Blade handles for ADA compliance
  • Tin lining for most DI units
  • Polypropylene lining for selected units (deionized water systems)

All of our laboratory faucets are made in the USA.

Please contact us for a free quote by phone at 770-932-1118 or email.

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