We Offer Versatile Phenolic Countertop for All Surfaces in your Lab

Phenolic Resin countertops might be used in the biological, chemical, clinical or analytic laboratory setting. It is available in three finishes: white, silver grey, and black. Phenolic can also be used for other surfaces such as tops, shelving, window sills, panels, pegboards, and even custom trough sinks. Because it is so lightweight, it is less expensive to ship and easier to handle. Even though the countertops are lightweight, they are durable and cost effective for use in the lab. And any alterations that need to be done, can easily be done in the field with a few simple tools.

here are advantages to using a phenolic countertop compared to other tops.

Phenolic countertops are easily altered in the field using simple and readily available carbide-tipped bits and blades (available at any hardware or home store).

Phenolic countertops are lighter and easier to work with as well.

Phenolic resin materials can be used to make tops, shelving, window sills, panels, pegboards, and even custom trough sinks, all to your specification. Phenolic products are also very resistant to acidic compounds and are also great for humid and wet environments.

You will also save on freight costs because a phenolic lab countertop is lighter and cheaper to ship than their epoxy counterparts.
Other reasons to choose phenolic is:

  • They have a high resistance to chemicals and acid
  • They are moderately resistant to heat
  • They are resistant to bacteria
  • They are moisture-resistant and will hold up well in a wet or humid environment
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • High fungal resistance
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight and easy to install. Can be easily altered in the field with simple tools (carbide-tipped bits and blades, available at hardware stores)
  • More economical that some other materials

Download Trespa Phenolic Countertops specifications PDF below:

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